An NFT is a digital version of a collectible. 

What is a Non Fungible Token

What is an NFT
In simple terms, an NFT is a digital version of items such as trading cards or art, cryptographically encoded to ensure its authentic. Its ownership recorded on a blockchain the same way Bitcoin's transactions are recorded. This record of ownership is un-hackable and ensures the NFT you are buying is real.

What can be made into an NFT
These digital collectibles (NFTs) can be created out of many different types of media. Images, videos, gifs, news articles and even tweets. Basically any type of file shared or created on the internet.
How do you buy a NFT
There are many methods for buying NFT. They range from very complicated to simple. Here at Mew.nu we will provide the easiest methods to click and purchase your favourite NFT.
Why are they worth so much?
Not all NFTs are expensive, the value of a NFT comes from its scarcity and demand on the resellers market (Secondary Market).  There are NFTs to fit everyone's budget.
How do I sell an NFT
Once you have purchased an NFT on Mew.nu you will have the choice to keep them on Mew.nu and sell them here.

Or you can move them to another market place. To move them to another market place you will first need to connect your favourite wallet to your mew.nu account and move them to your own wallet. Once in your wallet you can send them to a compatible market place.

How can I make an NFT
Creators looking to make their own NFT can request beta access to the MEW NFT creator tool.