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Creators wanted

Become a MEW CREATOR your MINT NFT platform.

Create "Mint" and sell NFTs, your brand, your rules, life time royalties.

YOur Brand is MINTED

Mew.Nu is looking for creators.  MEW platform is for creators who would like to control their own brand. When creating an NFT on you must be the original owner of the media you would like to create an NFT of.

Mew offers creators an option of self service tools, or a complete 360 consulting services including, planning, design and asset creation, marketing and finally the creation of the NFT itself.

We can help the creator through the entire process if needed.

On Mew.Nu you can Create "Mint" an NFT using a the digital medium of your choice. Many of MEWs creators are interested in using the platform raising money for their favourite charity.

Grow, own, your brand

The MEW.Nu Platform can help a creator grow their communities, spread their message and earn money from their own content like never before.

Issuing your own NFTs allows a creator to engage with their fans in a much deeper way. It allows creator create tangible value out of their thoughts, photos, personal videos. That value can help you connect with your fans, spread your message, raise money or simply control the revenue of your brand.

Your fans who purchase NFTs also get to financially support your causes, they can share in your success and they can own original digital memorabilia that is 100% cryptographically authentic.

For Creators

Mint NFT's receive life time rolalties. Support your causes, grow your brand, connect with your fans.
Become a MEW Creator


A New Generation of Creator Empowerment

Your images, tweets, videos, music and etc that make up YOUR brand should be monetized how you decide. Take back control.